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  accommodate vt.容纳;向…提供住处; 宽容 (来源:英语论坛 http://bbs.englishcn.com)

  It was said that Michael Jackson's new luxurious cottage ;据说迈可尔.杰克逊的新 豪华别墅

  could accommodate over 1,000 people. ;可以容纳上千人.

  adjoin vt.贴近,与…毗连

  Michael Jordan can aim accurately even though his opponents adjoins him closely. ;迈克尔.乔丹在对手贴身 的情况下依然可以投篮 得分.

  bald a.秃头的,秃的

  O'Conner's picture with a bald head ;奥康娜的光头形象

  fascinated a lot of young people across the world. ;迷住了全世界的很多年轻 人.

  ballet n.芭蕾舞(剧), 芭蕾舞团

  A ballet dancer may wear out four pairs of shoes in a single performance. ;在一场演出中,一个芭 蕾舞演员也许会磨穿四 双鞋.

  blossom n.(尤指果树的)花 vi.(植物)开花

  When all these peach trees are in blossom, we can see a pink world. ;当所有的桃花盛开的时 候,我们可以看到一个 粉红的世界.

  brood n.(雏鸡等)一窝 vi.孵蛋

  What fun to see a brood of ducks walking on the sand beach! ;看到一窝小鸭在沙滩上行 走的情景,多么有趣呀!

  cluster n.(果实,花的)串,簇; (人、物的)群 vt.群集,丛生

  Whenever Beckham appeared,there would be a cluster of fans surrounding him. ;只要贝克汉姆一出现, 总会被大量球迷簇拥.

  clutch vt./vi.抓紧,抓握

  A drowning man will clutch at a floating straw. ;一个即将被淹死的人会连 一根漂浮的稻草也要抓住 的.

  denote vt.意思是;是…的标志 表示

  It is a universal fact in the world that a smile often denotes pleasure. ;在全世界,微笑常意味 着愉快.

  descent n.下降,下倾;血统,世袭

  So far three Americans of Chinese descent have won Nobel Prizes. ;到目前为止,有三位华裔 美国人获得了诺贝尔奖.

  discriminate vt.区别,辨别; 有区别地对待,歧视

  The law discriminate between accidental and intentional killing. ;以外杀人和故意杀人在 法律上是有区别的.

  Nowadays in most countries every nationality is equal, at least in law; ;目前,在大多数国家,至 少在法律上各个民族是平 等的,

  no one is discriminated against. ;没有一个民族被歧视.

  displace vt.取代,代替

  I don't want to be displayed in your heart by that young fool. ;我才不原意那个幼稚的小 傻瓜取代我在你心中的地 位.

  dwell vi.居住

  Let bygones be bygones.Don't dwell on the past too much. ;让过去的事情成为过去 吧,不要沉湎于过去.

  enroll vi.入学;加入 vt.招收,吸收

  Gong Li wanted to enroll in the Depart- ment of Sociology at Beijing University, ;巩俐想入
北京大学社会学 系学习,

  but it caused an aversion from the academic circle. ;却引起知识界的反感.

  expend vt.花费,消费

  Cindy Crawford expends most of her incomes on all sorts of luxuries. ;辛迪.克劳芙把她大部分 的收入用在奢侈品上.

  foresee vt.预见,预知

  If Wang An had foreseen that personal computers would be so popular, ;要是王安预见到个人电脑 会如此普及,

  he would be making a lot of money now. ;他今天就发大财了.

  handbook n.手册,便览

  Before you start this new stereo,you have to read through this handbook. ;使用这台新的音响前, 一定要仔细阅读使用手 册.

  immune a.免疫的,有免疫力的

  It seems no one is immune to vanity,just as no one can survive without food. ;在我看来,没有人能免于 虚荣心的影响,正如没有 人可以不吃东西而生存.

  ivory n.象牙,象牙色

  A university student taking a part-time job,in the words of some, ;大学生做兼职,用一些人 的话说,

  is walking out of the ivory tower. ;就是走出象牙塔.

  latitude n.纬度,回旋余地

  Climates differ widely in different areas in a country covering a wide range of latitude ;在一个跨多个纬度的国 家,气候差异很大.

  misery n.痛苦,苦恼,苦难

  One who hasn't suffered any misery in his life will not mature. ;一个在生活中没有经历 磨难的人,不容易变得 成熟.

  Misery loves company. ;[同病相怜,同忧相救.

  perfume n.

  "Chanel N 5" is a very expensive French perfume. ;“夏奈尔5”是非常昂贵 的法国香水.

  plea n.恳求,请求; 抗辩,辩护

  It was ridiculous ;这真是荒唐

  that the Japanese man who killed 12 school boys entered a plea for not guilty. ;那个杀死12个小学生的 日本男人恳求无罪,

  plead vi.恳求,请求

  Is it justifiable ;你认为是否站得住脚呢

  if a young man pleads for himself on account of his youth and simplicity? ;如果一个年轻人以自己年 少单纯而恳求无罪.

  timely a.及时的,适时的

  The timely rain after a long time of drought will certainly bring on the crops. ;久旱之后的这场及时雨肯 定会有助于作物的生长.

  transit n.运输,载运

  The letter he sent to his girl got lost in transit ;他寄给女朋友的信在运输 途中丢失,

  and it didn't reach her until 50 years later. ;过了50年才到达她的 手上.

  tug n.拖船 vt.用力拖

  Adventure tugs at the heartstrings of youth. ;冒险活动强烈扣动青年人 的心弦.

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