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Cancer (June 22 - July 22) (来源:英语麦当劳-英语杂志 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

OVERVIEW: Being the ultimate caregiver to those you love, you thrive in your relationships this year. Your understanding and compassion are an inspiration to others, and your optimism is contagious. This year brings opportunities to explore 2007年十二星座运势-巨蟹座new horizons through travel and/or spiritual studies. This is a wonderful time for you to build more resources in your life. You will feel confident and satisfied with how you spend your time and money. You love the comforts that luxury brings, and will enjoy decorating your home with fascinating art objects. Developing your own musical and artistic talents brings you pleasure. Gardening and/or interior design may interest you as well.

You realize your need to regroup and recharge your emotional energy this year. As you explore new activities, you approach the practical necessities of daily existence with a quiet joy and a gentle humility. Give yourself some of that energy when it comes to health issues and you'll discover the perfect fitness regime. Your outer life goes much better when you involve yourself in more creative playtime.

With so much joy and harmony coming to you this year, you'll find that it bubbles over into your career as well. Your generous heart will attract many fun, sociable people into your life, and you'll enjoy a year full of getting out and doing things.




CAREER: Loyal, reliable and trustworthy, you're committed to accomplishing your goals this year. In the early months, you will be very energized by your job and you'll be appreciated for your hard efforts and high standards. You have an abundant amount of energy to focus on mundane details and are capable of enormous output. Materially, you are likely to do well in 2007. New projects at work are apt to be rewarded with great financial gain. Verbal communication is more important than usual and you become interested in what others think. Say exactly what's on your mind because you'll do best when you expand your perceptions and exchange ideas with others.


LOVE: You will feel emotionally complete in a very close relationship this year. Your passionate nature demands intimate connections. You see others as a mirror, and you gravitate towards those who reflect your deeper self. You enjoy developing the exchange of interpersonal expression and joint efforts, and love the notion of two people relating with one another on a committed basis.

Relationship and marriage are very serious matters to you, and your sense of belonging is reinforced this year when you fall in love. You may well want to settle down by the end of the year since you will be feeling very emotionally secure and happy.



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