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How Are You Doing?


You probably noticed that Europeans have completely awesome words for saying ‘Hello!’ But, whens the last time you said ‘hello’ to anyone? You say things like: ‘What’s up?’, ‘How are you?’, ‘What’s the haps?’ At any rate, we don’t mean those as actual questions; Europeans think that we do.

你也许注意到欧洲人说“你好!”真的有许多不错的词,然而(作为美国人的)你上次用“Hello”和人打招呼是何时?你会用“What’s up?”,“How are you?”,“What’s the haps?”问好。不管怎样,我们说的这些都不是真的在提问。可欧洲人却会这么认为。

Air Conditioning


Well, have you ever noticed how uncompromisingly cold your working environment is? As it so happens, not all of the world’s buildings keep the AC turned up so high. When Europeans step into America buildings, they feel like they’re stepping into the Antarctic.


The Working Week


Have you ever felt like 40-hours per week is just too damn much? You’d be surprised about how much it’s taken to get the working week down to that level here in the United States. At any rate, things just simply aren’t that way over in old Europe. The standard is much more relaxed, and there’s a cultural belief that having vacation time, and taking time away to raise a family, is valuable!


Sales Tax


Europeans think it’s totally bizarre that the price of an item in a store isn’t what they’ll be charged at checkout. Of course, Europeans pay homage to the tax man in ways that Americans would feel is bizarre, too.




There, you only leave a tip after a meal if you’re exceptionally pleased with the service, otherwise a tip is not expected. In Europe, service industry employees are paid a decent wage, and this is reflected in more expensive prices. In the United States, service industry employees are paid less than the minimum wage, which is a big reason why those Olive Garden entrees are so cheap.


A Foot? An Inch?


How many inches are in a foot? How many feet are in a yard? What’s an inch? What’s a foot? What’s a yard? Do you have any reasonable answers to any of these questions? The whole world uses the metric system for measurement, yet here in the United States we still stick to Imperial measurements. How many stone are you?


Ice, Ice, Baby


Think about any beverage, adult or otherwise, that you’ve ordered in your life. What’s the primary ingredient, regardless of what beverage you’ve ordered? If you said sugar, you’re close, but that’s not it. It’s ice, of course! Lots and lots of ice! Europeans think that our ice-intensive drinks are totally bizarre. As it so happens, they like things lukewarm over there.



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