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  The point of articles such as these isn't to dictate how you're supposed to live. The point is to offer you different perspectives to consider, so you can make more conscious and deliberate choices for yourself。


  1. Get to know your authentic self. 认清真实的自己。

  Discover the real you. Don't blindly accept the role you were conditioned by others to fill. You have your own path to follow. Be your own independent person. Don't allow peer pressure to force you into an inauthentic role。


  2. Own your power. 拥有自己的力量。

  Accept full responsibility for your life. Don't live as a doormat, a sheep, or a victim. Stop giving away your power. You must accept that you're the creator of your life and that no one is coming to rescue you。


  3. Find your voice. 倾听自己的声音。

  Build the courage to express yourself authentically. Speak your truth. You deserve to be heard. If others react negatively, that's their problem. Ask for what you want; you can't expect others to be mind-readers. You teach others how you want to be treated--not by dropping hints but by telling them directly. If you don't speak up for yourself, who will?


  4. Find your tribe. 寻找自己的部落。

  Consciously build and nurture a supportive network of positive relationships, including family and friends. Drop relationships that drain you; maintaining them is self-abuse. If you don't like your current relationships, it's up to you to change that. Surround yourself with good people who love you and inspire you. You deserve the very best relationships。


  5. Practice self-care. 照顾好自己的感受。

  Give yourself permission to do what you enjoy. Demands from other people can wait. Accept that you can't do everything for everyone. You can't give to others when you're empty inside。


  6. Express your creative side. 表达你的创造性。

  Cultivate outlets for creative self-expression. Explore music, art, writing, poetry, etc. Be artistic. Put your ideas into physical form。


  7. Embrace conscious sexuality. 拥抱有意识的性行为。

  You and you alone must decide the role sex will play in your life. There are no right or wrong answers. If you want it and enjoy it, let that be enough. Different women had widely varying opinions on what kind of sexual expression they personally preferred, ranging from waiting until marriage to having guilt-free one-night stands。


  8. Be beautiful. 让自己美丽。

  True beauty comes from the inside. It can't be found beneath a load of cosmetics and surgical alterations. Recognize that you're a beautiful person on the inside, and you'll broadcast that awareness on the outside. You are beautiful。


  9. Keep your heart open. 打开自己的心灵。

  Regardless of how badly you may have been hurt in the past, keep your heart open. You're stronger than you think. The rewards of love outweigh the risks of being hurt again. You're here to express love, not to live in fear。


  10. Become wise. 让自己明智起来。

  You are highly intuitive, so work on deepening your ability to trust your intuition. Keep learning and growing. In the long run, your wisdom will become one of your greatest assets, both as a way to meet your own needs and to help others. (Many women placed a very high value on developing their wisdom。)

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