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[节日与历史] 老外看点:如何庆祝中国新年的15天
  日期:2012-02-06 15:39:59
  Chinese New Year Traditions How to Celebrate the 15 Days of Chinese New Year By Greg Rodgers, Guide Chinese New Year traditions vary from region to region in China, and within ethnic groups who migrated(移动) away from the mainland. While
[求职英语] CNN:2011全美最佳雇主前100名
  日期:2012-02-05 03:55:32
  2011 Top 100 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR Rank Company Job growth U.S. employees 1 SAS 3% 5,629 2 Boston Consulting Group 2% 1,713 3 Wegmans Food Markets 6% 39,255 4 Google N.A. N.A. 5 NetApp 9% 5,455 6 37% 1,843 7 Camden Property Trust
  日期:2010-10-27 09:32:34
  The 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index Table Rankings 1 Norway 1 6 12 4 4 2 2 1 2 Denmark 4 1 2 5 17 6 6 2 3 Finland 9 4 7 3 10 3 12 7 4 Australia 8 13 8 2 15 13 4 4 5 New Zealand 17 14 4 1 19 7 3 3 6 Sweden 7 2 6 10 9 8 5 11 7 Canada 5 10 5 12 11 16 1 8
如何搭配裤子和鞋子 How to Match Shoes and Pants
  日期:2010-10-04 15:46:17
  How to Match Shoes and Pants By Gigi Starr, eHow Contributor The proper combination of shoes and pants creates a finished, sophisticated look.Suit image by GHz from Fashion trends come and go, but there are some sartorial rules that sepa
如何免费获得健康 How to Get Healthy For Free
  日期:2010-09-06 14:29:26
  How to Get Healthy For Free By Caroline Schley Everybody wants a crisp, fresh start: slimmer hips, better health and less stress in their lives than they had in the aughts. It's easy to promise yourself you will get healthy with a brand-new trainer,
英文诗歌:If (Rudyard Kipling)
  日期:2010-05-28 14:48:35
  Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by w
看人家的新年决心 40 Ideas For New Years Resolutions
  日期:2009-12-31 07:53:12
  40 Ideas For New Years Resolutions As a fitness trainer, I realize that the best way to get everything that you want is to set goals. As we come into the New Year, there is no better time to set goals. So here are 40 goals/New Years Resolutions. Pic
[精品文摘] 保护隐私:脸谱facebook用户应该知道的10件事情
  日期:2009-12-13 14:50:17
  尽管facebook现在国内访问不了(相信迟早还是会开放的),但是还是有很多的用户拥有facebook的账号,账户的默认设置对个人隐私而言并不是最佳的,所以不妨阅读下面的文章,了解如何进一步优化设置,保护你的隐私。 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Kno
[报刊选读] 奥巴马女郎英文报道 China's 'Obama Girl' Becomes Internet Hit
  日期:2009-12-10 06:29:34
  以下是来至美联社(The Associated Press )的一篇关于中国奥巴马女孩(王紫菲)的报道,注意标红部分词汇的用法。 China's 'Obama Girl' Becomes Internet Hit Forget Obama's speech, the Internet wants to know who the woman in the black dress was China's Inte
美国最安全和最危险的10个城市 City Crime Rankings
  日期:2009-03-04 15:35:58
  City Crime Rankings 美国城市犯罪率排名 CITIES OF 500,000 OR MORE POPULATION: Safest 10: Most Dangerous 10: 1 San Jose, CA 1 Detroit, MI 2 El Paso, TX 2 Washington, DC 3 Honolulu, HI 3 Baltimore, MD 4 Austin, TX 4 Memphis, TN 5 New York, NY 5 Dallas,
39钟语言说多谢- many thanks
  日期:2008-11-20 02:16:45
  many thanks (uncommon) An expression of gratitude, expressing greater gratitude than thank you or thanks. Arabic: (kran); (kran jazīlan); (kran xirak); (kran bezzef) ( Moroccan ) Bulgarian: много благодаря , много ви благо
[更多行业] 项目管理缩略语及词汇大全 Project Management glossary
  日期:2008-11-17 02:21:13
  Project Management glossary AC: Actual Cost ACWP: Actual Cost of Work Performed AD: Activity Description ADM: Arrow Diagramming Method AF: Actual Finish date AOA: Activity-on-Arrow AON: Activity-on-Node AS: Actual Start date BAG: Budget at Completio
[求职英语] 五个诀窍教你写更好的英文简历 Five Tips for Better Resume Writing
  日期:2008-09-03 03:21:36
  First the good news. You do not have to be William Shakespeare to compose a solid, well-organized, professional-looking resume. All you need are the ability to express your ideas in proper English and an understanding of how a resume should be organ
[计算机英语] E-mail地址中的@符号
  日期:2008-07-30 23:40:11
  That little a with a circle curling around it that is found in email addresses is most commonly referred to as the at symbol. 小写字母a外加个圆圈,这一符号常出现在email(电子邮件)地址中,通常是作为at(在)的标记。 Surprisingly though, there is no of
[实时新闻] 郑洁轰动温布尔登 Zheng Jie Wows Wimbledon
  日期:2008-07-03 16:54:11
  在线收听节目 Player Makes History for Chinese Tennis 郑洁改写中国网球历史 Zheng Jie Zheng Jie yesterday became the first Chinese singles player to get through to the semi-final of a major tennis competition. She beat 18th seed Nicole Vaidisova 6-2 5
[翻译技巧] 沟通文化差异,巧妙对译汉英习语
  日期:2008-07-03 16:44:12
  任何一种语言,都有自己长期积淀下来的通俗而生动形象地描绘人情世态的定型短语或短句,英语里称为习语,汉语里则称为熟语,为了称说的方便,本文采用习语的说法。 习语是老百姓长期使用而固定下来的说法,因此它带有强烈的民族色彩和鲜明的文化内涵,是民族文化的积淀
[翻译技巧] 翻译论文:重新认识翻译理论的作用
  日期:2008-06-18 18:39:33
[应用写作] 如何写问询信函-样本 Requesting Information
  日期:2008-05-29 03:52:45
  Requesting Information Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd 54 Oxford Road, Skagnes SK3 4RG Tel: 0223 123 4567 Fax: 0223 765 4321 Email: Date Lingua Services Galactic Ltd 69 Milk Street LONDON SW7 6AW Dear Sirs Translation Broc
[轻松时刻] 新意:看看用英语怎么样写对联
  日期:2008-04-25 02:12:28
  别有一番情趣:看看用英语怎么样写对联 对联是一种独特的文学艺术形式,讲究对仗、平仄,历来属于中文。但凡事总有例外,随着中西方文化的相互交流增多,对联也出现了中西合璧的现象。例如1936年,鲁迅先生逝世,郭沫若就写过这样一副挽联:平生功业尤拉化;旷世文章属阿Q。(提
[报刊选读] Entrepreneur confidence index remained stable in Q1
  日期:2008-04-09 02:14:50
  China's entrepreneur confidence index remained stable amid prospects of a global economic slowdown, statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed on Tuesday. The index, which measured the understanding, views and projections of entr
[节日与历史] 愚人节的起源及其相关玩笑 The Origin of April Fool's day
  日期:2008-03-12 03:15:39
  April Fool's Day - April 1st April 1st is the day people try to trick their friends, to make them behave like fools. Ranging from the elaborate practical joke to the obvious Your zip's undone the joker gloats April Fool when the unsuspecting victim
  日期:2008-03-11 02:13:10
  ALABAMA(阿拉巴马):来源于巧克陶印第安语,意思是 thicket-clearers 或者 vegetation-gatherers,拓荒者或者打草人。 AlASKA(阿拉斯加):来源于阿留申语,意思是great land或that which the seas breaks against,伟大的土地或分割海的地方。 ARIZONA(亚利桑那)
[节日与历史] 单身汉怎么过情人节?
  日期:2008-02-14 02:42:20
  Valentine's Day Coping Mechanisms For Singles Who Would Rather Not Be For a day that is supposed to be all about sharing love, it can be a disappointment to many. Flowers, cards, chocolates, and overflowing expressions of love are all the norm on Va
[节日与历史] 单身女人怎么过情人节?
  日期:2008-02-14 01:34:34
  Being Single on Valentine's Day As a single woman, I'll readily admit that February 14th isn't something I'd normally look forward to. A day devoted to couples, hearts and true love isn't an oasis for the lonely , and it is becoming increasingly
汉语取代英语?Whose language?
  日期:2008-01-16 08:54:05
  前电视节目主持人、韩国总统候选人郑东泳(Chung Dong-young)在民意调查中选票或许落后,但他的一项竞选承诺却非常引人注目。当时,郑东泳承诺如果当选,要大幅增加英语教育,让韩国年轻人不必出国去学英语。据《韩国时报》(Korea Times)报道,郑东泳称,韩国需要解决英
[报刊选读] 研究:Sex Education Works to Delay Intercourse
  日期:2007-12-21 00:40:00
  研究:Sex Education Works to Delay Intercourse
[文学常识] [美国] 人权宣言 THE BILL OF RIGHTS
  日期:2007-12-13 00:04:36
  [美国] 人权宣言 THE BILL OF RIGHTS
[文学艺术] 分享一些很美的英文文字
  日期:2007-11-22 00:47:11
[文学艺术] Words To Live By 生活的忠告
  日期:2007-11-21 00:46:01
  Words To Live By 生活的忠告
[异域风景线] 世界各地咖啡文化
  日期:2008-02-21 02:13:07
  各地咖啡文化 每个咖啡国度都有其特定的咖啡文化及饮用方式,赶快看看吧! 美国:百无禁忌美式风 美国人喝咖啡,像进行一场不需要规则的游戏,随性放任,百无禁忌。欧洲人冲调咖啡时的种种讲究,美国人是不屑一顾的。 美国人喝咖啡喝得自由,咖啡也同时深入他们的生活中
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