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 Okay, not really. But that's the idea behind an ad, the latest emanation from China's zany shanzhai culture, a mixture of old-school copycatting and arch parody。


  The ad promotes a smart phone called the 'BlockBerry 9500', that more-than-slightly resembles the BlackBerry Storm, Research In Motion's first touch-screen device, released last fall. The touch-screen BlockBerry purportedly runs on Windows Mobile software, has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G wireless capabilities, and comes in six colors, from purple to champagne。

  广告宣传的是一款名为“旋风9500”(BlockBerry 9500)的智能手机,它和Research In Motion去年秋季推出的首款触屏手机“黑莓风暴”(BlackBerry Storm)之间可不是只有略微的相似而已。“旋风9500” 触屏手机据称可以在Windows Mobile软件上运行,拥有Wi-Fi、蓝牙、全球定位系统(GPS)和3G无线功能,有6种颜色可供用户选择,包括紫色和香槟色。

  'Obama's BlackBerry. My Blockberry 9500,' reads the tagline below the president's photo (which is inverted, apparently by a sloppy layout designer, with the American-flag pin backwards on the wrong lapel). China Journal admittedly hasn't verified this with Robert Gibbs, but we'll go out on a limb and say that Obama's presence in the ad is unauthorized。

  在这款手机的广告海报上,奥巴马总统照片下面有两行字写道“奥巴马的黑莓,我的Blockberry旋风9500”。奥巴马的照片显然被一位拙劣的版面设计者弄反了,美国国旗胸章错误地出现在奥巴马西装的右边衣领上,还左右颠倒了。本专栏尚未与白宫新闻秘书吉布兹(Robert Gibbs)证实此事,不过我们大胆地猜测奥巴马出现在广告中是没有经过授权的。

  So who's behind the BlockBerry and its clever marketing - and is it even for real? As with many shanzhai products, the maker seems to prefer anonymity. The ad claims it comes from HAFF-COMM, but no such company comes up in searches on baidu.com or google.cn. So we spoke to someone at mobileuncle.com, the Chinese gadget chat site where BlockBerry appears to have first been noticed, spawning a host of other posts in the blogosphere。


  Our mobileuncle contact, who didn't want to be identified, claims to have spoken to the BlockBerry's maker, which he says provided him with the ad poster and information about the device. He says the producer is a factory in Shenzhen that isn't called Haff-Comm (fake name), and that BlockBerry is scheduled to go on sale next month for less than 1,500 yuan each (about $220). The BlockBerry's makers saw news stories recently about Obama's well-known love of the BlackBerry, he says: 'They were inspired by the news and decided to market it this way.'


  Is all that accurate? We can't vouch. We may never know for sure。


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