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    CBA, the Chinese Basketball Association, was established in June in 1956. It is a non-governmental organization in charge of basketball at national level. The administration center of basketball, a sub-division of CBA, takes the responsibility of promoting the sport in China. After the introduction of some reforms in 1994, the first CBA league was launched the following year, with 12 teams participating. By 2000, there were 43 men's teams, and 42 women's teams registered under CBA. The total member of players had reached 998. The advent of the With CBA league represented a giant step in the development of professional basketball in China. In 1989, the first basketball club, sponsored by Anshan Steel Company, was founded in Shenyang. By 2000, the members of professional basketball clubs registered under CBA had reached 29. (来源:英语学习门户网站EnglishCN.com)


    CUBA, the Chinese University Basketball Association, was founded in 1985. Before the CUBA league was launched in 1998, it had already done a lot of work in promoting the sport on campus.  When the CUBA league was held for the first time, it drew 617 teams form 26 provinces and cities. During the 2000-01season, CUBA activities enjoyed even greater popularity on campus. Many famous universities have begun to put huge effort into succeding in this new league. Compared with NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which has been in existence for 63 years, the CUBA is still very much in its infancy. However, at its current rate of development, the future leaves bright for this new basketball association in China.


    Since it was established, the Chinese women's basketball team has been the dominant power in Asia.  When they took part in the World Basketball Championships in San Paul in Brazil in 1983, the first international competition, they came the 3rd. And that was the first time this squad participated in a major international competition. In the following year, they also took bronze at the 22nd Olympic Game in Los Angles. The team displayed on court began to grab world attention. Since then the Chinese Women' Basketball team has been one of the top-ranked teams in the world. It was in 1992, at the 25th Olympic Games in Barcelona that the Chinese Women's Basketball team reached its peak, reaching the final and wining the silver medal.


    How many times we sweat, the pains once filled in our memory,
    Just because we always believe in, endeavor leads to success.
    We always encourage ourselves, to succeed needs to make efforts,
    Our blood is ebullient on the court, the giant rises from the east.
    Believe in yourself,
    You will achieve success and work miracle.
    Believe in yourself,
    The dream’s in your hand and this is your world.
    Believe in yourself,
    You will surpass limit and surpass yourself.
    Believe in yourself,
    When all has elapsed, you will be the first.


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