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  日期:2014-03-13 00:38:50
  Chinese reluctance to read deeply underlines the nation's recent departure from the era of subsistence and its current obsession with affluence. On a flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai, an Indian engineer noticed row after row of Chinese passengers d
  日期:2013-11-11 02:32:25
  There’s the lady you find in the break room, always on a diet and commenting on your weight (God help you if you are proportionate, she will eat you alive). The guy who shows off way too many baby pictures of his not-that-cute-kid. The girl who stay
  日期:2013-09-01 16:10:43
  Language and literacy are among mankinds greatest inventions. Evolving and even dying over the course of human history, languages are a reflection of our cultural and societal attitudes. Today, surrounded by social media, television, movies, billboa
  日期:2013-05-09 03:30:20
  Are you waiting for your dreams to come true and change your life? I am sorry to tell you that dreams dont come true.Rather, it is your goals that can forever change your life. You need to set goals in order turn your dreams into reality. 你正在等待
  日期:2012-12-25 02:03:04
  宏观中的必读与不读 所谓宏观,即使明确文章结构。再清楚一点说,即使我们要知道主题句的所在位置以及每段大意。 让我们今天来了解一下什么是主题句,ETS的阅读文章中主题句通常会以什么形式出现。和中国考生自己写作文不一样的是,美国人的阅读文章中从来都不出现I th
  日期:2012-11-01 01:09:58
  Preview the material you're going to read. Look at main headings, chapter divisions, and other relevant material--to develop clues about the structure of the work。 1、先预览一下你的阅读材料。注意主标题、章节分配、和其他相关材料,旨在构筑阅读材料的
  日期:2012-09-23 12:42:54
  正如培根总结的那样书籍好比食品。有些只须浅尝,有些可以吞咽,只有少数需要仔细咀嚼,慢慢品味。所以,有的书只要读其中一部分,有的书只须知其梗概,而对于少数好书,则应当通读,细读,反复读。在信息爆炸的今天,学会一目百行,炼成快速阅读十分重要。 Use the fo
  日期:2012-06-11 01:56:32
  日期:2011-01-11 11:50:50
  Young women are losing faith in the university system with nearly half believing it is not worth getting a degree。 Tuition fees and little chance of landing a good job make higher education an unattractive prospect for them, a study suggests。 It f
  日期:2010-07-04 00:09:21
  什么叫做non-crying cry?这是男人们专有的一种哭泣方式。也许在婚礼上,女儿和妈妈可以互相抹去眼泪,但是爸爸只能一个人默默回到自己的房间,默默去想念,因为男人是不允许在大庭广众下轻易掉眼泪的。这也是为什么一个父亲会教自己的儿子,如何学会non-crying cry。
  日期:2010-03-25 06:49:59
  How China is perceived carries enormous weight By John Authers Over the next few days, the Financial Times will be holding a series of Great Debates in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, asking whether China will be a superpower in 2020. Viewed from N
  日期:2010-03-07 17:11:36
  US urged to respect China's core interests (Xinhua) Updated: 2010-03-07 11:01 BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Sunday urged the United States to take seriously China's position and respect China's core interests and major concerns w
[异域风景线] 为什么应该禁止美国人外出旅行?-旅行社趣闻
  日期:2010-02-04 14:06:18
  Why Americans Should Never Be Allowed To Travel? The following are actual stories provided by travel agents: 众所周知美国人地理知识匮乏,不仅不知道其他很多国家的情况,甚至连自己国家的很多常识也不了解。下面是由旅行社提供的真实对话,读完后一定会让你
找到生活的激情 Question Your Way to Finding Your Passion
  日期:2010-01-06 08:24:08
  Question Your Way to Finding Your Passion by Ralph Velasco Just imagine if everyone you knew was doing exactly what they were placed on this earth to do. What if people of all backgrounds and disciplines were working at what comes most naturally to
China’s stockmarket 中国股市
  日期:2009-09-07 23:53:28
  Share prices in China are once again unhinged 中国市场的股票价格再度脱缰 EVEN critics of Chinas stockmarket would be hard-pressed to call it dull. After losing almost three-quarters of their value between late 2007 and the end of 2008, shares have g
  日期:2009-07-16 23:01:52
  Ihave heard the story of such a religion. Once upon a time, there is a Health and leprosy patients, the disease nearly 40 years, has been lying on the roadside, he said, referring to such people to have the magic of the pool edge. But he lay there n
The Color of Love 爱到最高点,心中无国界
  日期:2009-05-20 00:54:37
  The Color of Love 爱到最高点,心中无国界 Although people of different ethnicities have been mixing for centuries, the subject of interracial relationships is still controversial. Even now, mixed couples face many obstacles, including laws restrictin
坐火车去当总统Obama rides the rails to DC for inaugural kickoff
  日期:2009-01-18 18:16:00
  WASHINGTON Invoking hope and history, President-elect Barack Obama rolled into the capital city Saturday night after pledging to help bring the nation a new Declaration of Independence and promising to rise to the stern challenges of the times. He k
New Year Resolutions 新年计划!
  日期:2009-01-12 03:27:05
  The time for New Year resolutions is here again. But is it worth the pain to make resolutions? As the New Year gets closer, it is the time for people to make resolutions. There will promises about living a better life: losing weight, eating more hea
[商务英语] 十大最常见管理错误 Top 10 Management Mistakes
  日期:2008-10-27 01:44:57
  Top 10 Management Mistakes Managers come from different walks of life, possess various characteristics, and have their own philosophies regarding how to manage a business and employees. In a broad sense, there are common mistakes made by managers at
  日期:2008-10-23 02:39:15
  Time isnt on my side. Another year has passed, and the completion of my junior year is the essence of my thought. What a year it has been. I ritually write a column summarizing the new theories of each of my years. Now Im a 20-year-old college stude
[节日与历史] 1st Mid-Autumn Festival holiday helps revive tradition
  日期:2008-09-13 18:53:00
  With the first Mid-Autumn Festival holiday nearly upon China, many people are asking 'what is it for?' An online survey by the website saw 55.7 percent of the 1,313 respondents saying they would spend the holiday with their families. The fe
[实时新闻] 鸟巢准备好了 Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest ready
  日期:2008-06-28 20:51:21
  Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest ready The IOC is worried about Beijing's air pollution The main venue for Beijing's Olympic Games - the Bird's Nest stadium - is complete and fully operational, Chinese officials have said. The 91,000-seat stadium will
[科普知识] 奥运还有百万门票可得 1 million Olympic tickets still available
  日期:2008-06-25 08:26:11
  Organizers of the Beijing Olympics said on Wednesday that about 6 million tickets for the Aug 8-24 Games have been purchased, accounting for 86 percent of the total tickets available for sale. Zhu Yan, head of the Beijing Olympics Ticketing Center,
1000万个百万富翁 World now has 10 million millionaires
  日期:2008-06-25 08:20:31
  NEW YORK - Add an extra zero to the ranks of the millionaires club. The number of people around the world with at least $1 million in assets passed 10 million for the first time last year, according to a new report. And their bank accounts are growi
[高阶语法] 句法与阅读:英语的基本句子结构
  日期:2008-05-01 04:28:11
  在完成了对于词汇的所指意义(denotative meaning)的辨识以后,我们就可以进入篇章阅读的第一个层次──句子的阅读了。句子是语篇的基本组成单位,是进入作者话语的第一步,也就是说,只有在接触了句子之后,你才真正接触到了作者。在不构成句子的情况下,所有的单词都
Chinese Acrobats Win Top Prizes in Monte Carlo
  日期:2008-01-22 17:48:21
  Chinese acrobats were awarded the world's top acrobatics prizes at the 32nd Monte Carlo International Acrobatic Competition on Monday. Two programs from China, Soft Wirewalking and Silk Ribbon Hanging, were accorded the Golden Clown Award and the Si
[节日与历史] 你的圣诞很中国吗?Have Yourself A Very Chinese Christmas
  日期:2007-12-25 04:20:16
  你的圣诞很中国吗?Have Yourself A Very Chinese Christmas
[实时新闻] 韦氏词典公布07年度词汇 Merriam-Webster's 2007 word of the year: w00t
  日期:2007-12-12 06:38:07
  韦氏词典公布07年度词汇 Merriam-Webster's 2007 word of the year: w00t
中国小姐首夺世界小姐冠军China wins Miss World 2007 title
  日期:2007-12-02 18:59:06
  中国小姐首夺世界小姐冠军China wins Miss World 2007 title
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